irene's eye for art

The glass is fused and constructed and kiln-formed. 

The beads are of glass, stone, pearl, crystal, or bone that is collected and found.  

The silver is either fabricated in sterling or created from art clay, a medium that is manipulated like clay but results in a fine silver piece, 99.9 pure silver.    

Glass, Beads, And Silver (Designed And Hand-Crafted Jewelry)

Jewelry News

Thumbs up from Katie Brewer! My very dear friend and jewelry lover asked me if I would design a necklace using some very large pearls that were a gift to her. These pearls were earrings and a ring. They were lovely, but Katie does not wear rings, and the size was just too big for her, anyway.

I usually do not like to commit to making custom pieces, as it takes me a very long time, and quite frankly, I get very anxious when making something that someone else wishes me to make. I always feel that they are not going to like it. However, Katie always is drawn to my designs and probably should be my agent! She loves the color purple, and I just had to pull out my collection of purple turquoise beads to share with her pearls.

I warned her that it took me almost two years to complete this piece (image to come)! I sent it off to her, and her selfie says it all. As soon as my studio is put back together, I think I need to make a cute little pair of earrings that will match for my patient friend.

I created the components for the pearls with fine silver metal clay, and using sterling wire, I attached them to a silver-tone chain and highlighted with those purple turquoise stone beads. The back is adjustable for length. I am very pleased that I finally finished it, and it is a good fit for Katie.