irene's eye for art

She developed liver cancer. She never gave us a clue that she was ill, not until a few days before we had to put her to sleep.

I am back to my craft, happy to be creating again. But I truly miss the kisses, the snoring, the nudge of a curious wet nose… my girl. I still plan on donating a portion of my profits from my Christmas Studio Home Show to Boxer Rebound. Last year, KiKi worked the room, collecting money. This year, I am sure there will be another boxer. No dog will ever replace KiKi, but there is always a boxer in need of a home, and I hope I can find one just as smart, lovable, frisky, and a little bit of trouble as our KiKi. I have been taking classes and making some really cool pieces, soon to be posted.

2016-17 was a rough year for Eye for Art

I took on a part-time job promoting the arts in the community of Addison, and I completely got too involved, ignoring my own creative endeavors and my sweet little girl KiKi, who was always by my side when working in the studio. Whether it be painting or glass, she was there. I was always afraid that she would get glass in her paws, as she always had to see what I was doing when I was cutting glass and shards were flying. The only time she would leave is when I had saws and drills going—they are loud and probably hurt her ears—or when John came home and loyalties quickly turned.     

I still find myself talking to her and missing her, even when I had to fight her for a little space on the studio sofa when I would take a little “eye rest” from my work. Those last few months, my work was ignored. I was not home. KiKi was alone, too. No walk, no talk, no play. Where were my priorities? That job did not give me an ounce of the satisfaction and pleasure that KiKi and creating art did. Actually, KiKi was 13 years old, a very old girl for a Boxer! She was not as frisky did not enjoy her walk as before. Ah. She thought me to think like a dog. Do what makes you feel good! Eat, sleep, play.​

I Am Missing My Assistant