Ahhhh! Summer is here... and so am I!!!!

Lots of changes, redirection, and hopefully progress!  Took some amazing classes in glass at Ed Hoy International and it has changed my whole outlook on "i" for art.   I met a very interesting artist... Joseph Cavalieri.  Not only did I learn about painting glass and working with cold glass
( yet another technique added to my repertoire ) but, a very interesting outlook on communicating artistically in glass.  He is an amazing glass artist...he was a graphic artist... took 4 classes to learn about glass and that is it. He started doing it... one direction... he doesn't own a lot of equipment ... he has stayed one course and has developed his own style. He doesn't know much about fusing... he doesn't need to!  He is good... no great, at cold glass and painting and communicates through that.  A Ha! moment for me.  I think by being an art teacher all my life and learning different things to share and teach... I have continued to do that now in my artistic endeavors.  So... no more classes... going to use what I have learned  and go with it! 

irene boutzarelos - artist

irene's "i" for art

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton